Nowadays lot of websites earn money by making the people to play rummy with real cash. They initially give some amount to users free to attract the users. After sometime the users will be addicted to this game and they might invest huge amount but they loose their amount finally. These sites mostly affect the middle class people than rich people.

The main thing is if supposed the user won the game, they will take nearly half of the amount from the winnings. The users don’t know whether they are playing with real users or not. There will be a chance to cheat by making the users to play with bots(cheating software). The users are not just loosing 100rs or 500rs but it will be in thousands sometimes in lakhs. The people earn the amount by working hard but these sites give the platform to destroy their earnings in few minutes. So I request the government to ban these sites immediately and make the people to live happy.

Financial advisor Murali Kabirdass shares some valuable inputs. Watch video to listen now.